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Fightie is an all-in-one workout tracker that comes with a minimalist design and several powerful features to help you track your workouts instantly.

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100+ Common exercises

We keep updating our exercises list to cover every single use case!
Exercises are well categorized and easy to find!
You can also use search bar to find what you want!
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Elegant workout tracker

You only need few clicks to track everything!
Use timer to help you control your workout duration!
No more steps! That's all!

Download Fightie for FREE now!

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Cloud Sync & Online Dashboard

We support Apple ID and Email/Password two ways to login!
Sync your records to server and check your training results online!
Share the results to your friends or embed them in your blog!
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Personalized Analytics

All personalized analytics are created based on your training records!
Grow and get powerful by monitoring your changes!
1RM, Max Weight, Max Volume and more!

Give Fightie a try and start your training journey!

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Privacy Protection

All your training records are saved safely on your device
Use passcode, TouchId or FaceId to protect your data!
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Track Body Transformation

Take a selfie every time to track your transformation
Know how far you've come and how much you've changed!

Ready to join Fightie and be a better person?

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Fightie is made with love by @ryuu_dev