With Fightie, you just need to focus on being powerful day by day and we take care all the other trivial things for you.


Exercises List

We co-operate with a third-party company to create tons of workout illustions and videos which you can refer and add them into your personal tranining menu !

Workout Tracker

We built a workout tracker which lets you easily adjust your training plan when doing any workout, so you can focus more on the training itself and don't need to worry about anything else.

Personalized Suggestions

Based on collected training data, we will apply some in-dustry knowledge to help you predict and give you some suggestions as references for your future training plans.

Cloud Sync

We take care of all your personal training data and store them in our server, so you can always access your own data any time any where.

In-APP / Web Dashboard

We will visualized dashboard in APP and Web so you can easily check your tranining progress and even share the result with your friends.

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